Manipal Genetics Update VI
Marfan syndrome and other aortopathies
14th and 15th of February, 2020 at Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, India
In and around Manipal
The Best of Udupi in 48 Hours
End Point, Manipal:
Catch the sunset over a panoramic view of the green valleys of the Swarna River. From this elevation, you can also see the Arabian Sea in the western horizon and the Western Ghats in the eastern horizon .

Manipal Lake, Manipal
Take an easy stroll around this man-made lake. This spot too is a great one to catch the sunset.

Coin Museum, Udupi
This heritage museum outlines banking history since its inception in 1906. Here you can see around 1,360 coins from around the world and ages.
Distance: 5 km (Accessible by bus, auto, or taxi)

Krishna Temple, Udupi
This temple, built in the 13th century, was founded by the Vaishnavite saint Shri Madhwacharya. Come lose yourself in the spirituality and architecture of this ancient site.
Distance: 5 km (Accessible by bus, auto, or taxi)

Malpe Beach, Malpe
A long beach shaded by swinging palm trees, Malpe makes an ideal escape from the city. Although you may dip your feet in the water, beware of strong undercurrents! Distance: 12 km (Accessible by bus, auto, or taxi)

Kaup Beach, Kaup
A lighthouse built in 1901 still stands today and provides a spectacular view of the seashore. You can also see the ruins of the Kaup battery, built by Tipu Sultan from this elevated view.
Distance: 20 km (Accessible by bus or taxi)

St. Mary's Island
This group of islands was created by formations of basaltic rocks and laminar lava. Because of its rarity, these islands are classified as a National Geological Monument.
Distance: 12 km (Accessible by bus or taxi, and ferry)

Kotti Chenaya Theme Park, Karkala
This is a museum housing collections that represent the culture of coastal Karnataka over 100 acres.
Distance: 35 km (Accessible by bus or taxi)

Gomateshwara Statue, Karkala
This single-stone 42 ft statue of Bahubali is the second largest one in Karnataka. What makes it more striking is its location on the periphery of the Ramasamudra lake.
Distance: 35 km (Accessible by bus or taxi)

Agumbe Rain Forest, Agumbe
Wind up the Western Ghats to the catch another spectacular sunset and a view of all the tropical fauna and flora
Distance: 50 km (Accessible by bus or taxi)

Sringeri Sharada Peetham
It is a rich, green land in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. Legend has it that Adi Shankaracharya selected it as the spot to build his mutta after he saw something remarkable on his arrival at Sringeri. Built in the 8th century is located on the banks of the river Tungā and also a historical site.
Distance: 78 km (Accessible by bus or Taxi)

Murudeshwara Temple
lies on a hill known as Kanduka Giri and the western most point of the town is a landmass that juts out of the mainland to form a small peninsula about two km west of the temple. Murudeshwar is known to have the second tallest statue of Lord Shiva.
Distance: 102 km (Accessible by bus, train or taxi)

1000 pillar temple, Moodabidri
The town of Moodabidri, also known as Jan Kashi, is a religious centre for the Jains. The Thousand Pillar contains a sacred Basadis but more importantly the Jainism sacred scriptures, written palm leaves, can be found here. Supposedly no two pillars are the same. The inner sanctum is inaccessible to visitors; it houses the sacred statue of Lord Chandranatha Swami.
Distance: 53 km (Accessible by bus or taxi)

kudremukh means 'horse's face' and the place gets its name from a peak that resembles the face of a horse. The beautiful landscapes of Kurdremukh are a big crowd puller. The Kudremukh National Park is the second largest protected region in the Western Ghats that is spread over an area spanning 600 sq km. The best time to visit Kudremukh is between October and February.
Distance: 88 km (Accessible by bus or taxi)